Weekend 5K Bonus Offer

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    From TOBB:

    Birthdays, family reunions, anniversaries – whatever the occasion, plan to celebrate with us soon. Enjoy a fun and rewarding weekend at any of our hotels and we’ll treat you to 5,000 bonus points. Simply stay Friday and Saturday, or Saturday and Sunday nights (two consecutive nights total) within 90 days.*

    Code 7637

    Looks like it's working for both US and Non-US based accounts.
  2. Thanks I just registered for it and it was accepted. Canadian account from a Habs fan:D
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  3. yeah worked for me, long time between drinks for bonus codes from PC:oops:
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  4. maybe you've been locked away drying out:D
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  5. yeah, i don't think i was locked out, i just exhausted and earnt all the old codes, and they've been cleaning up the IT aspect, i've noticed all the old codes that used to sit on the account were all cleared out, i just haven't seen anything new for quite a while
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    worked for me,from China
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  7. haven't seen the points post though

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