Website picks 5 worst travel scams and offers defensive tactics

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    Members and editors of travel website VirtualTourist have compiled a list of the top five worst travel scams and how to avoid them.

    1. Pickpockets: VirtualTourist members mentioned that in many instances, pickpockets work in teams: While one shows you a gold ring or points out mustard on your shirt, a cohort is stealing your wallet. Another popular iteration of this scam is the distraction. A woman will approach you waving a newspaper or asking for help reading something, but under the newspaper she is palming your iPhone off the cafe table. It's important to note that if someone offers you unsolicited help, politely decline and quickly walk away.

    2. Gypsy cabs: There are a few rules to follow to make traveling by taxi easier. First, Rome has taxi queues where licensed taxis wait for fares. Second, many cities have a set fare from the primary airport to inside the city: Make sure to know this number and clarify with the taxi driver this flat rate before letting him place your luggage in his car. Lastly, if you are leaving your hotel and going to a site, ask the doorman or concierge how much the taxi fare should cost to get there.

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    He leaves off an important one that can hit in Chicago -- the fake valet -- you drive into a hotel, he says he's a valet for your hotel and offers to park your car for you.... of course you never get it back.

    My work around is to say "let me see if my reservation is OK before I unload the luggage."

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