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    I just tried checking in for a flight from LGA later today and got the following message:

    The Web Check-In Application is unavailable at this time.

    I was a little concerned because I got caught up in the UA fiasco yesterday morning (solved the problem by walking over to Delta!) and I wanted to make sure that lack of web check-in wasn't an indicator of a bigger problem.

    Called the SE line, got through in one ring and the CSR checked me in right away. She was unable to get me an electronic boarding pass (or PDF) for that matter though.
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    This is why God gave us check-in agents and priority queues.
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    I've noticed that it's been down a lot, of late.

    I just thank my lucky stars and feathers that my customary commute starts and ends at small outpost stations, where there's very seldom any sort of line-ups to speak of, and where the whole check-in process consists more of talking about how the kids are doing (and whether it's snowing out there at the mines!) than actually waiting in a long queue.

    I might add that I don't ever count on Web-based processes actually **working** when desired. Doesn't stop me from trying, but I am disinclined to waste much time frobbing about trying to make them actually work.
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