Weather vs. Scheduleling delay/cancellation, How do which one it is

Discussion in 'American Airlines | AAdvantage' started by spkg, Apr 20, 2011.

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    I'm having a pretty bad so on AA today, my 6:45am PIT-DFW was canceled, and the earliest flight the agent on the phone was able to accommodate me on was a flight at 7pm. I guess I've been spoiled a bit by being a UA 1K, I was caught a bit blind sided when i found out about the situation at the airport this morning,

    But never mind my rant, my real question revolves around the ever so important question of whether the flight was delay due to something that was "out the the airline's control" and how exactly do we as consumers know which one is which, do we have to simply trust the answer the agents give us? In the case of my flight, the agent first told me it was a "ATC delay" then she changed to "weather cancellation", but the truth is weather was pretty much perfect in PIT, my flight was the only cancellation, and there were only a few delays scattered here or there. and things were pretty much fine in DFW as well, and all other flights between the cities that day were on schedule. What do you guys do when something like that happens, is there a government site to check for verify the airlines' claims.

    Also question for you AA experts, what exactly are the rules/ what can a PLT or EXP expect during irregular operations, the agents I talked to told me she could use a different airline, If I reschedule for another day I would have to pay for the difference in fares, and I wouldn't even get original mileage credit if I canceled.

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