Weather delays at DCA (2/11)- low cloud ceiling

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    Interesting day at DCA. I arrived about 90 mins early for my 1100 DCA-DFW. It gets pushed back to about 1130 and I walk down to the gate just after 11. Arrive to find it being cancelled.The incoming DFW-DCA had just been diverted to IAD.

    First available reroute that worked was the 1555 DFW departure that went out at 1640 (incoming flight landed at 1604, about an hour late). Due to low cloud ceiling nothing was getting in for a few hours--every JFK and ORD incoming and outgoing flight was cancelled. Asked about rerouting via JFK and kept an eye on those flights but they were all delayed and cancelled or cancelled from the start. Ended up not being an option even though the 1730 JFK-SFO had seats. Just couldn't get there.

    Seemed like the only flight that got out while I was there went to MIA around noon. I was offered that option, and then onward to SFO, but the second flight arrived after 2300 at SFO (landed at 2210 via DFW).

    I spent most of my time in the alcove just past the AC entry with some other passengers. One couple there was on the flight with me to DFW. Arrived SFO about 5 hours late in the end and glad to be home. Last time I had this much time in an Admiral's Club was at DFW about 2 years ago, en route to Florida, and I had to do a trip in vain and have them fly me back to SFO after 8 hours in the lounge, a record for me.

    Took 31 flights this year for my first serious issue to come up, so overall I'm still doing good. Had one other mechanical that I took an hour delay at DFW but connection was safe on that one.
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