Ways to Maximize Your Frequent Flier Miles

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    If you’re obsessed with frequent flier miles programs and want to maximize your points, you’ll need to plan ahead carefully. There are a few options you can do to gather more points and spend them wisely. Try these tips to get more bang for your buck.


    First think about choosing more than one frequent flier program. You don’t need to limit yourself, especially if you want to accumulate more points or if you go to different airlines. Remember that many of these programs will give you bonus points for registering online, so look at the different options that the airlines of your choice have. Join 2 or 3 airline rewards programs and no more, since it’d be difficult to keep track of all your point accumulation.

    Look over your miles point rewards. Many airlines have restrictions on when and how you use your rewards points. Some options such as Alaska Airlines’ Super Saver Award, will offer you the chance to fly First Class for a lower price. You should be a bit choosy on how you spend your points. The more points you collect, you can earn bonuses and most programs will even reserve a trip for you about 20 or so days in advance.

    Steer clear of wasting your points on rental cars. You will earn much better rewards with your actual trip cost than using up points on cars or two night hotel stays. Frequent flier points have a much higher value when used for air travel, so focus on earning points for your flight.

    Remember to read the fine print carefully, if you call off an agreement with your rewards program you might lose your points. You can always cancel an agreement after you use up your points. If you have any questions on how to maximize and balance your rewards points, contact us, and we’ll give you more pointers.

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