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    Here they grow again! VX get there 50th aircraft and Portland meets their first Virgin! This time the sexy and sometime sleazy brand of Virgin is introducing themselves to the city of Roses, Portland. Virgin America is inaugurating nonstop flights from SFO and LAX to PDX. How appropriate to bring this young hip airline to a city that often brags that they have more strip club per capita than any other city in the US. And if that doesn't get your chops wet, then they are also known as the microbrewery capitol of the world with over 70 microbrewery within the city limits.


    Hipsters get ready, strippers back your bags, and beer drinkers hold on! On June 5, flights will take off from both LAX and PDX and head up to the beautiful northwest! Flights begin at only $99 each way from both LAX/SFO (taxes included). The flight schedule is listed below

    From Portland to Los Angeles From Los Angeles to Portland
    803 630 850 Daily 802 935 1150 Daily
    809 1605 1825 Daily 808 1910 2125 Daily

    From Portland to San Francisco From San Francisco to Portland
    817 1235 1430 Daily 816 1330 1520 Daily

    I see a celebrity boxing match in the near feature as Virgin (Vx) and Alaska (As) duke it out over these new routes! Vx is going to have quite the fight as they try to take on Portland's largest airline Alaska, and her sister Horizon. Vx and As already compete on the LAX/SFO to Seattle routes and since Vx entered Seattle at Virgin's conception, AS and VX have been in a nasty pricing war, with fares falling as low as $59 o/w. Furthermore, As beefed up routes and offering between the two cities and surrounding airports.

    Currently Alaska serves the PDX/LAX market with 5 daily nonstops, PDX/ONT 3x daily, PDX/BUR 3x daily, and PDX/SNA 4x daily. Also on June 4th, Alaska brings back the PDX/LGB route once daily. On select routes Alaska is currently offering fares for only $89, undercutting Virgin's price by $10!

    If you're flying PDX to the bay area, Alaska and their partner Horizon offers PDX/OAK 4x daily PDX/SFO 5x Daily, PDX/SJC 6x daily and PDX/STS 1x daily. Alaska is currently matching Vx's price of $99 on select routes.


    Watch out for a price war on this route for Alaska will defiantly be on the defense! Furthermore, if you're flying on Alaska's sister from PDX (horizon air) know that the airline offers free Beer and Wine to ALL passengers! This is one perk that Vx doesn't have! Also, if this is ANYTHING like the SEA LAX/SFO fights we've seen in the pass or the current AA vs VX sfo/lax to ord/dfw fight, expect Alaska to be handing out a large amount of bonus miles for staying loyal to AS!

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