Warning: impending destruction of SM value by means of multi-tier FB pricing engine

Discussion in 'Delta Air Lines | SkyMiles' started by redtailshark, Jun 5, 2012.

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    Over on the FB board elsewhere, there is outrage over the new FB structure for intra-EU awards.

    The "new" notional "three-tier" - but factually, large non-integer multiple - is straight out of the loathed DL SM playbook from several years ago.

    Remember this...


    Remember that the number presented was several non-integer multiples higher than the supposed maximum for such a redemption. DL apologists didn't like this discussion and eventually banned me from their board. I laugh at them, then and now. However, why people buried their heads in the sand and wanted to dismiss the change in logic as a "glitch" or unimportant and incidental, I cannot understand. Because accepting opaque pricing logic like that is what kills the program for everyone. As is happening now.

    So. You will see that AF/KL have been busy learning how to implement the JeffLogic [tm]. It summarily destroys system value because not only are these demands much more costly than before, but the actual number cannot be known prior to attempting the redemption in question. This actively disincetivizes the collection and redemption of FFP.

    At least over on FB there seem to be fewer apologists wanting to make excuses for this kind of Jeff-logic [tm].

    But even if you like DL SM, use your brainpower and consider the implications of this move.

    Now that FB is moving to a multiple- and variable tier system, like DL SM, it will destroy the value of SM for those based in the US who have come to depend on AF/KL hard pricing for awards and are seeking out the TATL gateways. How long will it be before redeeming on AF/KL is as capricious and valueless as it currently is on SM? No low-tier AF Affaires from any gateway any more. All 475k or more. Or 635k, not all of which is in J. No longer a fantasy, no.

    And, let's be magnanimous. What a strategic move by Jeff! Yoo-hoo! Now, he can trumpet "no big rescissions to DL SM program, we still operate the "three-tier" system as before. But practically, it will be totally different.

    You know what's coming. Apologists, I welcome your best efforts to defend this move or explain how it won't affect those using SM.

    Otherwise, redeem now and lock them in.
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    Much of the value of SM is dependent on partner availability, particularly AF TATL availability. Clearly the program has long been on a razor's edge, more so than the domestic competition. As long as AF low availability is good, excellent value can be extracted, but if that goes away it's obviously a huge deal.
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    Since it's not mentioned anywhere in the OP's post, and isn't in the dynamic glossary, this is for those who haven't had their morning coffee yet...
    FB = Flying Blue
    FB != FaceBook
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    and those not coding type
    != refers to 'not equal'
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    For me this is also true; and I am indeed also worried that the days of decent value partner redemptions with Skymiles may be numbered. Fortunately, I don't have a huge bank of skymiles left these days and every time it goes up too much I look for redemption opportunities; often using the miles for family.
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