Warning: DL doesn't know what day you arrive

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    Be very careful when you are checking schedules and booking flights, especially award tickets, in which all segments don't necessarily arrive and depart on the same day. The problem seems to be most severe when using the award ticket search function for TPAC flights or international flights with overnight domestic connections. The information giving in delta.dumb's flight search programs might be wrong, although in my case after I realized the error and proceeded to pick what appeared to be an impossible connection, the resulting itinerary and ticket did indicate the correct arrival dates. Nevertheless, if I hadn't spotted the mistake, I would have given up and concluded that no flights were available.

    The worst example that I know concerns the nonstop HND-LAX flight which leaves Japan this fall at 12:30 am. It actually arrives the day before it leaves. DL doesn't recognize this and indicates that it arrives the following day but then shows connecting flights that look wrong but in fact are correct. For example, if you were to leave Japan on December 9, you actually arrive on December 8 and can take late connections on the 8th or early flights on the 9th. However, when you search for flights, it looks like you depart HND and arrive in LAX both on December 9 and then offers you a choice of connections on December 8 as well as some on December 9 that appear to leave before you arrive. Similar things happen sometimes with multiple connections on some NRT flights, especially DL's infamous 11-23 hour overnight connections in hubs, but the problem is not consistent; I also noticed something similar on some searches for trips to SIN.

    The fix seems to be that you should just ignore the arrival information on delta.dumb when you search for flights and simply use your own common sense: you are smarter and better informed that DL's computers. Remember than when you fly from the USA to Europe or Asia, you usually arrive the next day; when you return from Japan to the USA, you usually land around the time you arrive if not a few hours earlier. Select the connections that are presented but appear to be impossible. If you proceed to purchase, it will work and your itinerary will show the correct dates. You do not need to purchase a separate ticket for these legal connecting flights which are available. In our example, if you select the flight leaving HND just after midnight on December 9, forget that DL thinks it arrives later in the day on December 9. It really arrives on December 8 LAX time and you can take a late-day connection out of LAX on December 8 or opt to stay in California overnight and fly out of LAX early in the morning of December 9. The times will look very wrong, but DL will let you ticket your selections and your itinerary will display the correct information: leave HND in the early morning hours of December 9 and arrive in LAX on December 8.
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