Want to help build the milepoint community wiki?

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    Just under one month ago the first milepoint wiki pages were published. Since then we have been reviewing wiki usage stats (visits, average time spent on wiki pages, etc), as well as reviewing member feedback and the verdict is in - the milepoint wiki, even in its current very limited form, seems to be useful and a worthwhile addition to the community and so will be expanded.

    To help with this expansion we are seeking milepoint members who are interested in contributing content and in helping to guide the structure of the wiki. Our first step will be a managed development of wiki content and structure. During this phase we hope to build a solid wiki foundation upon which new content can be easily added in the future.

    Our experience with FlyerGuide has taught us that an unmanaged approach to wiki development, while beneficial in some ways, tends to cause "blank canvas anxiety" (BCA). [​IMG]

    The group selected will be guided and trained by HOM staff to create new wiki pages and the wiki navigation structure. They will also have input as to the overall structure of the wiki, its integration within the forums, and the types of content that should form its foundation.

    If this sounds like a project you would like to be involved in, please start a conversation with me and include the word "Wiki" in the subject. Also, please include your area(s) of content expertise. If you don't consider yourself a content expert (yet), but want to be included in the wiki project and/or believe you can contribute from a different perspective, please don't hesitate to submit your interest.

    Thanks for your interest. We look forward to working with those who volunteer and the entire milepoint community to build a wiki that will benefit all members.

    PS - This project is solely related to the milepoint wiki in its current form, and does not include development of wikipost functionality. Wikiposts are still on the "being researched" list and we are not yet ready to implement that particular feature.
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    Yes, I think it will be an amazing thing. What do I have to do next?
  3. i think i can contribute...what do i have to do?
  4. simply super
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    I'd pitch in when/where appropriate, availability pending - of course...
  6. good to join the mileagemanager

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