Want Calls on Planes? You’ll Need to Speak Up

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    December 1, 2013

    Disruptions: Want Calls on Planes? You’ll Need to Speak Up


    You know there is trouble when Tony Robbins, the tirelessly upbeat Mr. Motivation, is sulking.
    But there he was on Twitter, lamenting the prospect of yet another torment in the hell of modern air travel: people talking on cellphones. The Federal Communications Commission is considering letting passengers use their phones while flying, and Mr. Robbins — and a lot of other people — are not happy.
    “Do we really need this!?” Mr. Robbins, the motivational speaker, wrote in response to the news.
    Others were more blunt. My inbox was flooded with angry messages. “I already hate my fellow passengers — this would only make it worse,” one reader wrote. A petition was created on the White House website to rally the quiet-cabin camp.

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