Walk-through sniffer could speed up airport checks

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    It could be the answer for every weary air traveler, a high-tech screening system that filters passengers according to risk and scans and "sniffs" them as they walk through, taking a fraction of the time of a usual security check.

    Customs and immigration could also be combined at the same screening station, curbing queues and increasing time for that all-important pre-flight browsing or duty-free shopping.
    At an annual meeting of airline chiefs in Singapore, the International Air Transport Association (IATA) displayed for the first time a mock-up of a three-channel passenger screening system of the future.
    Pre-flight screening categorizes people according to risk, which then channels them into "enhanced," a polite way of saying highest risk, "normal" and then the least risky, which is "known traveler."
    "It's the future we envision about 5 to 7 years from now," said Ken Dunlap, IATA's global director for security and travel facilitation.

    "We're looking at a way of increasing security where we don't treat every passenger that has a pair toe-nail clippers as a potential terrorist. We're looking for a paradigm that is based on looking for bad people, not only bad things," he told Reuters on the sidelines of the IATA meeting in a plush casino resort in central Singapore.

    Multiple layers of security checks in recent years have greatly increased the time it takes to get on a plane, leading to longer queues, frayed tempers and worries about invasive pat-downs.
    IATA envisions technology developments that rapidly screen passengers, depending on the channel they go through, to cover advanced X-ray, shoe scanning, full-body screening, liquid detection and electronic sniffing for traces of explosives.
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  2. "We're looking at a way of increasing security where we don't treat every passenger that has a pair toe-nail clippers as a potential terrorist."

    Oh, that's easy to do. In fact, we did it all the time in the years that came before that one time some people flew some planes into some buildings and an arrogant nation completely lost its batman over it.

    All we have to do is just hit the rewind/undo button on all security measures we took since those people flew those planes into those buildings, which was ten years ago anyway, and it's done.
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    Total Devils' Advocate approach here. This ain't gonna happen in the U.S.

    The TSA embraces humps the leg of a risk-avoidance model. In other words, this "sniffer" device won't be able to detect that ceramic knife taped to the back of a would-be bad guy. Far-fetched? Yes, but that's the way the TSA thinks.

    Also, this was tried several years ago with the "Puffer," the GE-made portal that the TSA had to take down because they did not test them properly in the lab (they worked well there, but broke down constantly at airports due to dust and other airborne things that crippled them).

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