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    Anyone stay at the Waldorf in New york recently? Just spent a night last weekend and was totally disappointed. Not sure if it's me or if others have felt that way too?
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    My last stay there was 3+ years ago and disappointed is probably a good description of how I felt. I would suggest staying at the HH Midtown or if you are looking for ambiance try one of the Marriott Autographs (I have stayed at two of the three and they are quite nice)
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    I was there for 4 days in January. Started out horribly, with my wife carving her foot open on some glass from a chipped coffee table top in the living room of the one bedroom suite. They ended up upgrading us to the Royal Suite on the top floor, which was huge, and a very nice gesture. Room service has so many surcharges, and even a COVER CHARGE. Really? It turned a 29.00 burger into a 45.00 burger. And the food is mediocre at best. The service in the lobby restaurant was very blah, and the food was incredibly expensive for very average food. Unless you are getting a great rate, (as we were), I would NEVER spend the normally 500-600 per night to stay there. Andaz on 5th is nice, Sheraton is usually good, and if you are spending Waldorf money, the St. Regis or the Mandarin are head and shoulders above the Waldorf in every way. The Ritz at Central Park is also stellar.
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    Nice info. Thanks!
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