Waiting 3 Months To Get Bonus Miles...

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    So I got my ink bold in mid november, my closing date for transactions was on the 22nd of dec and I decided to change it to every 19th of the month on the 20th of dec 2 days before my closing date. BIG NEW B MISTAKE!!! Chase went ahead and held my 50k points to be transfered the next cutting cycle wich is in January 19th... to make matters worse also all those points from the spending made on the card won't see the light of day until a week from now, so I thought because when i called chase 6 different times hoping too get someone that could help me get those UR points I was told that I'd get partial credit in Jan and the rest of the bonus points credit mid feb!! What to do as I needed those points to get the family vacation confirmed and the flights could very well go up in price or not be available for 7 passengers flying together..in march!!! wa wa wa!! Don't change your cut off date to your billing cycle until you get your points credited you have been warned!!

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