Visa Signature Gives 90 Days of Platinum Status

Discussion in 'Hyatt | World of Hyatt' started by free101girl, Apr 3, 2012.

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    I don't see a thread on this - if I overlooked it, sorry.

    If you have a Visa Signature card (it will say Visa Signature across the front), you can get a 90-day trial of Hyatt Platinum status. Register here:

    You have to enter your Visa Signature card number to sign up.

    Must register by 5/11/12, so time your sign-up to cover any travel plans you have coming up.

    Note that the sign-up site (which is hosted on the Hyatt site) doesn't work well in any browser other than IE.

    Also, I saw some reports on another board that the upgrade to Platinum status does not always show up immediately when you log into your account.
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    Thanks for the posting and thanks for the hint about the browser. I couldn't sign up in Chrome, but after I read your post I tried IE and it worked fine.

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