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  1. I'm being offered a Visa Infinite card by my bank in Singapore as part of their "Relationship management" efforts. While the point -> mile conversion rate of SGD1 = 1mile seems decent, does anyone have experience with this card and its benefits / privileges? How does it stack up against, for instance, the Amex premium cards?
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    The programs differ substantially market by market.
    In Singapore UOB, Standard Chartered and others offer the Visa Infinite card. Benefits in Singapore are here:
    American Express offers these products in Singapore, best comparison will be Platinum and Platinum Reserve because Centurion is by invitation only:

    Just to complicate you life a little more several Singapore banks also offer the American Express card. Here is the UOB:

    The comparison you want is to the total package and that is a bit of work. Singapore card market is very competitive so make sure you choose what you want, it will pay off.

    Sorry that it is not a simple answer.

    Welcome to milepoint. I hope you enjoy it.

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