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    Like a few others here I believe that Virgin Blue/Pacific Blue and V Australia should have their own thread. As we have not gone down that road as yet I have started this thread.

    In the last two weeks I have had two flights with Virgin Blue.

    My last DJ experience was on Friday on DJ327 from MEL-BNE.

    I had little lounge time (in MEL) as I arrived a lot later than I normally do. What I saw of the food was good and the staff were friendly and efficient. The flight was called on time and off we went. Having to go through security after the lounge is not a whole lot of fun IMHO but that's life. I also managed a secondary test for explosives.

    On board I quickly settled into my 9D seat and was surprised to see that there seats even further aft. [​IMG] I was also surprised that I did not have a pre allocated seat at check in. I am not sure if that is normal but I have had so on the last couple of flights. Everything seemed set for an on time push back but we just sat there for an extra 6 minutes. Then we were off and flying and all was very pleasant. No on board recognition as a Gold which was no different to QF and crew were helpful and pleasant.

    I did not buy any food as I had had a lounge snack but plenty of people seemed to do so and spend what I considered relatively large amounts of money. I just drank my water.

    The 2 hrs went quite quickly and suddenly we were in BNE and still about 5-6 min late. On approach into BNE the person next to me received a text message and it took me a couple of attempts to get him to actually turn his phone off. (He did try to ignore me but that was not going to work)

    After landing I ducked into the Virgin lounge for a few minutes and had some soup and toast before heading into Brisbane on the infamous train.

    Did I enjoy the trip [​IMG]
    NO [​IMG]
    Why [​IMG]
    Because I was travelling economy and that does not fit into the category of enjoyment no matter which airline we are talking about.

    How did this trip trip compare to Qantas [​IMG]
    Pretty much the same. My ticket was cheaper which meant I could have bought in flight food or snacks to about $20 to roughly break even and I had lounge access before and after the flight.

    One other positive of this trip was that I had to cancel my wife off the trip at approx T-18 hrs and the call centre was very helpful and simply allocated her share of the ticket to another booking reference to be used up to 12 months from when we first booked the trip.

    My recent experiences with Qantas has been 50% on time performance and Virgin 100% on time but I'm sure that varies per person and per time period.
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  2. I signed up with Virgin Velocity before I upgraded to a postpaid plan with Virgin Mobile (Australia) to take advantage of the extra points. Not sure how beneficial it will be. I'll have to wait and see. [​IMG]
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