Virgin America launches seat-to-seat delivery service

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  1. Virgin America launches seat-to-seat delivery service
    Sir Richard Branson is presented a sequined captain's jacket by Las Vegas showgirls after launching a non-stop service from LA to the gaming capital. Source: AP
    CREEPY or cool? Virgin’s latest gimmick, a seat-to-seat delivery service that promises to help travellers 'get lucky', has divided online opinion.
    To mark the launch of Virgin America’s first flights to Last Vegas this week, Virgin unveiled a “first-of-its-kind seat-to-seat delivery service” on all US routes that allows flyers to order a drink, meal or snack for travellers at other seats.
    Virgin recommends using the technology in conjunction with its seat-to-seat chat function.
    “Travellers can now send an in-flight cocktail to that friendly stranger in seat 4A and then follow up with a text message … making getting lucky all the easier,” a press statement from the carrier says.
    In an accompanying tongue-in-cheek video, Sir Richard adds: “I’m not a betting man but I’d say your chances of deplaning with a plus-one are at least 50 per cent”.
    Commenters on Virgin’s website embraced the idea of in-flight flirting, calling it a cool innovation and praising Sir Richard as the “greatest businessman in history”.
    But CNN sarcastically calls the service “not at all creepy” and suggests that users employ the line “Is there an airport nearby or is that just my heart taking off?”, while gossip and news site Gawker says the service has the potential “to make air travel even worse”.
    "The only problem we foresee is a surge in the number of passengers prowling up and down the aisles 'going to the bathroom' for a fourth and fifth time," CNN adds.
    And Eater, a popular US dining site, points out that unlike buying drinks for an attractive stranger at a bar, neither the suitor not their potentially unimpressed recipient have the option of leaving the vicinity should things go awry.
    Chalk another one up to Sir Richard’s marketing genius, who, as Virgin's own statement concludes "doesn't miss a trick".
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