Virgin America Frequently Asked Questions (Part 2)

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    Q: Does Virgin America have any interline agreements?

    A: Currently, Virgin America has interline agreements with V Australia (VA), El Al (LY), and South African Airways (SA)

    Q: How is Virgin America different from JetBlue?

    A: The major differences are: JetBlue has more legroom in coach, Jetblue's live TV is more reliable, Virgin America has a more feature-rich in-flight entertainment system, and Virgin America has a first class cabin

    Q: Does Virgin America have premium coach seats like JetBlue does?

    A: Yes. Virgin America has what is called Main Cabin Select, which includes the bulkhead and exit row seats. These seats have much more legroom than the other coach seats (38" seat pitch), and when you purchase seats in this row, you get food and alcohol for free, priority boarding, dedicated luggage space, and free on demand movies, TV, and games. The cost varies depending on flight distance, and is not based on the coach fare.

    Q: Can you get a standby upgrade to Main Cabin Select?

    A: Yes. If there are seats available 24 hours or less before departure, you can upgrade at check-in (including OLCI) or prior to check-in. The charge for upgrading depends on the flight distance: 849 miles or less is $35, 850-1499 miles is $55, and 1500 miles or more is $110.

    Q: What are the fees for checked baggage?

    A: In Coach, the first through tenth bags are $25 each. In Main Cabin Select, the first bag is free. The first and second bags in First Class are also free.

    Q: Can you get a standby upgrade from Main Cabin Select to First Class?

    A: Yes. If there are seats available 24 hours or less before departure, you can upgrade at check-in (including OLCI) or prior to check-in. The charge for upgrading depends on the flight distance: 849 miles or less is $35, 850-1499 miles is $55, and 1500 miles or more is $160. NOTE: Oftentimes, the cost of MCS plus the upgrade fee is as much as a discounted F ticket was, and almost always more than upgrading Main Cabin to F! Also note that you do not get any priority upgrade treatment when you are going from MCS to F over when you are going from MC to F. It is strickly first come, first served!

    Q: When I try to use the "chat" feature of Red, it says that it's "currently unavailable". Why?

    A: The flight attendants have an override which disables the use of this feature. They disable it when there are complaints of abuse. Unfortunately, this setting is persistent, so if they forget to re-enable it after the plane lands, it will still be disabled for the next flight. Let the flight attendant know it is still disabled, and it can be re-enabled.

    Q: What is the problem with Virgin America's live TV system?

    A: It is a combination of a hardware problem, and Dish Network reception issues. The hardware problem is being fixed on aircraft when they are available to be serviced.

    Q: Does Virgin America have a lounge?

    A: Not at present, but at SFO, IAD, and JFK, if you are travelling on Virgin America, you can buy a day pass to the Virgin Atlantic Upper Class lounge. This pass costs $35. The service in the lounge is excellent. The food is very good, and there's top shelf liquor included. The lounges do not expand hours for Virgin America, so they are only open during Virgin Atlantic's flight times.

    Q: What type of planes does Virgin America use?

    A: Airbus A320s and A319s.

    Q: What are the change fees associated with changing your flight?

    A: For coach tickets, you are charged $75 to change your ticket (via the website). This includes re-booking to take advantage of a fare that has gone lower. For First Class tickets, there is no fee for changing tickets/pricing. If you change your ticket within 24 hours of making your reservation, you are not charged a fee. The same change fees are charged (in dollars) when reservations are made using elevate points. You can change from First Class to one or more coach flights with no fee, but once you do that, you can't change it again without incurring the $50 fee. NOTE: Some have reported that you can change a ticket from coach to first class without paying the $50 fee, but that is undocumented. This is confirmed as of 8/15/2008 (by me), but YMMV. You cannot change from coach to first class online. You must call reservations.

    Q: Does Virgin America oversell/overbook flights?

    A: Virgin America does not overbook or oversell their flights. There has been confusion because you can book a reservation when the seat map looks full and you cannot select a seat. This is because certain rows (row 4, row 9, row 25DEF, and row 26ABC for A320, and row 4, row 9, row 21ABC for A319) are reserved for airport assignment and cannot be selected beforehand. When the seat map looks full, there could be 0-18 seats left.

    Q: What are the names of the planes, and which planes have WiFi?

    A: Virgin America held a contest before their launch, to allow people to name their planes. The plane names are painted in the front.

    N521VA - Let There Be Flight (WiFi Enabled)
    N522VA - The 1-Year-Old Virgin (WiFi Enabled)
    N523VA - Contents May Be Under Pressure (WiFi Enabled)
    N524VA - Dark Horse (WiFi Enabled)
    N525VA - Virgin & Tonic (WiFi Enabled)
    N526VA - Jane (WiFi Enabled)
    N527VA - Tubular Belle (WiFi Enabled)
    N528VA - Fog Cutter (WiFi Enabled)
    N529VA - Moodlights, Camera, Action (WiFi Enabled)
    N530VA - gogo Dancer (WiFi Enabled)

    N621VA - Air Colbert (WiFi Enabled)
    N622VA - California Dreaming (WiFi Enabled)
    N623VA - Three if by Air (WiFi Enabled)
    N624VA - fRed, White & Blue (WiFi Enabled)
    N625VA - Jefferson Airplane (WiFi Enabled)
    N626VA - Unicorn Chaser (WiFi Enabled)
    N627VA - Runway Angel (WiFi Enabled)
    N628VA - Entourage Air (WiFi Enabled)
    N629VA - Midnight Ride (WiFi Enabled)
    N630VA - Superfly (WiFi Enabled)
    N631VA - Chic Air (WiFi Enabled)
    N632VA - Youtube Air (WiFi Enabled)
    N633VA - The Tim Clark Express (WiFi Enabled)
    N634VA - Mach Daddy (WiFi Enabled)
    N635VA - My Other Ride's a Spaceship (WiFi Enabled)
    N636VA - Airplane 2.0 (WiFi Enabled)
    N637VA - An Airplane Named Desire (WiFi Enabled)
    N638VA - San Francisco Pride (WiFi Enabled)
    N639VA - Air Drake - (WiFi Enablled)
    N640VA - Refresh Air - (WiFi Enablled)
    N641VA - Dotcomsecrets Air - (WiFi Enabled)
    N642VA - Breanna Jewel - (WiFi Enabled)
    N835VA - Arnold (WiFi Enabled)
    N836VA - Spruce Moose (WiFi Enabled)
    N837VA - Air VH1 (WiFi Enabled)
    N838VA - DFW One (WiFi Enabled)
    N839VA - Myles from Connemara (WiFi Enabled)

    Q: I've heard the safety video is funny, but I've only flown in first class. How can I see it?

    A: Here you go:
    {editor's note: I think there's an error in the video when he says, "...tampering with smoke detectors isn't allowed by law..."
    The way the emphasis is, it leaves the possibility that it also isn't disallowed by law. You have to listen to understand what I mean}
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    What airlines and hotels can I transfe my Elevate miles to and what is the ratio of Elevate miles to those programs? Thanks!
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    Now that VA has their own lounge at LAX the FAQ should be updated. Also the LAX lounge costs $40, have they also increased the price of Clubhouse access at JFK/IAD/SFO?

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