Virgin America demo at DreamForce Conference

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    During today's opening keynote at the Salesforce Dreamforce conference, a demo was shown that highlighted the use of Chatter and how VX allegedly is using it to deal with customer service issues such as flight delays. The concrete example was an Elevate Gold flyer on a delayed VX flight that might miss a connecting flight, so some manager, upon reviewing the flight manifest, decides to ask the customer service team at SFO to meet him at the arriving plane and direct him to the connecting gate.

    Here's a video:

    All very nice, but is it reality? Has anyone ever received an inflight message on the Red system from VX customer service?
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    Looks amazing and if executed properly could make a big difference.

    However, the video stated that the salesforce to Red chatter portion wont be available until the next version of Red is rolled out in mid 2013.

    Also based on how the next version of SF chatter is not scheduled until "Winter" 2013, i would probably assume the basic internal collaboration tools are probably up and running....maybe for stress testing during this year's Turkey day travel season....or at least i hope based on this demo.

    I can't wait. Good find HaveMilesWillTravel!
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