Video Review: British Airways Business Class Double Beds

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    British Airways have something unique to offer their business class customers – a choice of single or double beds. I’ve made a video review to show you the BA business class experience, and explain why the double beds are great if you're travelling as a couple:

    This was a daytime flight from London Heathrow to Washington Dulles in a British Airways 777. BA offer fully flat beds in their business class – club world – with most seats laid out so you are facing the other person.

    The middle (E/F) seats are a bit different – they both face backwards, and there’s hardly any privacy between them. You can convert them to a bed at a touch of a button, and there’s just a couple of inches gap – effectively a double bed in the sky!

    The downside of these seats is that they are not great if you’re travelling alone; there is a small privacy screen, but it doesn’t extend very far at all. It would be much better if BA got rid of the current screen (as even when put away it limits your view of your partner) and replaced it with something suitable for travelling with a stranger. This can occur, as many passengers can’t reserve seats in advance without paying large fees to BA; if the only seats left are the E/F ones then you are out of luck.

    The food was mixed – there was an excellent cold main course which was very simple (and therefore hard to screw up) but BA had bought decent quality ingredients in it; highly recommended. The menu had a delicious sounding mushroom and truffle risotto with parmesan – you can imagine how well this worked in the environment of a plane oven!

    The plane itself was in decent condition, with good-sized TVs and video on demand. The amenity kit looked good, but was missing ear plugs and eye masks as standard items – but BA had forked out for a cheap razor. The flight wasn’t even eight hours, so I don’t think many people were needing to shave on board.

    Afternoon tea was disappointing – the tea itself was great, but the food consisted of 3 small sandwiches (with over 100 ingredients listed on the pack) and a fairy cake you’d see at a child’s birthday party. I don’t think this is much different to what BA offer its economy passengers, and it certainly wasn’t showing English Afternoon Tea at its best.

    In summary:
    • The double beds are great for a couple (and those with a small child) and are recommended if you're travelling with a partner
    • Unfortunately, most seats need you to jump over a stranger’s legs to get out – try and pick the last row if you can
    • BA should be offering free seat reservations to all to stop single people being stuck in these seats with a stranger
    • The catering could easily be improved and would make a big difference to the customer experience – offering both cheese and dessert is not going to bankrupt the airline, and serving sandwiches in a plastic packet full of preservatives is not a true afternoon tea!
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    Thanks for posting, Nice Travel Adventures! Now, watch for some folks to try to join the "mile high club" in these accommodations! ;)

    I'm only saying that b/c I once had a couple try just that while sitting next to me in AF coach seating! :eek:
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    I think mile high clubbers stopped caring what type of seat they're in when flying...when you gotta do it, ya do it. :confused:

    Didn't another airline provide something similar...was it SQ in F on the A380? I forgot.
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    Surprised to hear that as very frequent FF'ers no one ever thought to check if they had the MHC bagtags on their flightbags or luggage which would have then given you the possiblity to change your seats in advance at the gate to avoid having to watch and endure all their sounds and turbulent manuevers during the flight's manuevers.
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