Verizon launches new rewards program: Let us pay you to track you

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    Verizon Smart Rewards will be out on July 24 for all postpaid customers. Those who will sign up for the new Smart Rewards program will get at least 10,000 points upon registration. Activities such as paying monthly bills, signing in to MyVerizon, using Verizon Trade In or choosing paperless billing will earn customers more points each month. They even receive points by recycling old devices and any activity that spends money with the company.

    As part of the Verizon Smart Rewards registration process, customers are required to register in Verizon Select, which is part of Verizon's Precision Market. They will get 2,500 bonus points for enrolling in Verizon Select, and for every participating line every month, customers will get 500 Rewards points.

    According to research, consumers will forgo their nervousness of being tracked in exchange of special offers and coupons. Verizon Wireless is currently doing that. Verizon Select started in 2012 for the advertising division of Precision Market Insights. Enrollment in Select is required for all subscribers who want to sign up for Smart Rewards but they can leave Verizon Select any time. Those that remain in the program though will earn reward points each month, which they can redeem for offers, bonuses and products.

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