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    Total Noob to the Airline Hacking Game.

    I have just received my bonus of 20,000 miles from Venture One by Capital One. I don't know how best I'd utilize them, say, to go to Paris for free? (Do I sound naive enough, yet?) I'm only in my 20s and don't make much annually.

    Is it best for me to open up a new airline credit card or keep spending with just this one?

    Thanks in advance (if I don't happen to respond)
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    Get a card that provides your FICO score for free. As long as you don't damage your credit in a way that will keep you from getting a loan you might want, churn those cards and rack up the points. There's usually a spend component involved with getting the bonus points, so make sure you can afford to do that, too.

    If not, then just keep your spend on that card and build up the miles.

    Look for flexible cards like SPG (Starwood Preferred Guest) that can transfer to other airlines. Look for the biggest bonuses that are achievable for your income/spending patterns.

    Browse through the threads a lot. Takes a while, but there's a lot of good information in here. Gather enough to get a base understanding and a very helpful community will answer specifics you have.


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