Vegan meal in UA biz?

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    Hi y'all, I've helped my dad and stepmother earn free biz tickets to Hawaii later this year (they're thrilled!) and wondered what the vegan special meal will look like in biz class. (I also want to confirm: when you order a special meal in biz, is it a "biz-level" special meal, or is it the same special you would get in econ?)

    I know UA tightened up the rules for special meals but it looks like they still offer them on flights from mainland to Hawaii so she'll be ok. I guess I just am wondering what she'll get.

    (I've also heard that UA is notorious for losing special meal requests, so it seems like she should call to add it to the res immediately upon booking, and then maybe call again 48 hours before the flight.)

    I searched for info on this (including at :) ) but everything I found was at least 6 years old... so much has changed since then!


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