Value D(ea)L's done, but it lasted a while...

Discussion in 'Delta Air Lines | SkyMiles' started by redtailshark, Dec 1, 2014.

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    Time to fly DL again...muahaha! You know why...

    TIcketed on 006-. Not sure if everyone was, but it's entertaining. I love it when these fares ticket on 006-. This one lasted quite a few days in spite of the bold red type at the top DO NOT CALL "THE AIRLINE." For some reason, Jeff and his cohorts were asleep, or they couldn't get to AZ to modify the YQ/YR for this filing.

    I'd have booked more of them if I wasn't already fully occupied for the winter and spring. We all know that, just like with all other DL products, Jeff would love to renege on these. But he knows he can't (itns involve US terminus).

    Jeff will now assign his media minions to monitor this, too, but he can't save himself from AZ's IT and general mismanagement and as long as there's JV/revenue share, there will be more oppos.

    Heyho Jeff, you'd better roll out that red carpet and welcome me onboard @ SIN as your "loyal" FO/MM. You know by now, it's always a special occasion when the Shark flies paid DL itins :cool:

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