Valid complaint Re: US ticketing fumble?

Discussion in 'Newbies' started by servo, Jan 4, 2013.

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    Ended up having an interesting experience on my Dec 28th trip from MCO-SDF, and one where I'm not sure if it's worth complaining about or not: (Also, it was my first leisure trip ever on US, so I'm not familiar with them)

    1) Arrived at MCO and was told that US1190 was going to be an hour late, which would make me miss my connection from CLT-SDF because I only had a 42 minute layover there.

    2) Was told by the wonderfully unhelpful lady at the baggage/main check-in counter that I was going to stay on 1190 and would have my connection pushed back to a later one, 2 hours after the one I was likely to miss. I asked this kind lady some questions, she blew me off and hollered "NEXT!" as if I was being rude, when I simply asked about the differences between my wife's and my boarding zones.

    3) What actually happened (and "learning experience" for the future) - I looked at the board and saw that there was an earlier flight (the A330) which was also an hour late, which made it departing around 1pm (we got to the gates at 12:45). I suggested to my wife that we ask to be placed on that flight and then get our original connection back. I went up to the counter as they were calling final boarding, handed over my re-issued tickets from the unfriendly lady, and was told that we were actually now on THAT flight, and we needed to get on immediately. I thought that was great, but then we found out that the main ticket counter lady booked us on the later connection anyway, and we were told in CLT that the original flight was all booked - we tried standby, but to no avail, and had to spend 4 hours in CLT unnecessarily. An inconvenience, to be sure. Is that worth a complaint? What could I expect to get, if so?

    I neglected to fully read the re-issued tickets in complete detail, and that's at least my lesson from that experience.
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    If at all possible, know in advance if your flight is delayed, and have a solution to propose to the agent regarding rebooking. Also, if possible try to find less-busy agents to work with as they will be less rushed and in a better mood. If they see that you know what you are doing and are trying to help them out, your odds increase.
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