USMC Life Features UsingMiles in their Blog!

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    USMC Life is the blog for the United States Marine Corp members who want useful information regarding base selections that, until now, was not readily available on the Internet. The blog was started to help military personnel select those bases with information that was useful such as schools for children and what base housing was like. The site is now filled with insider tips, school report cards and information about every major Marine Corps Base including base guides, base housing and photos, schools, youth programs and sports, getting to and from each installation and links helpful to Marines and their families. Additionally, this site offers a specialized referral guide that aims to assist not only Marines but all military branches.

    UsingMiles is honored to be featured in this blog! Click here to view the post.

    Be sure to track all of your loyalty programs in your UsingMiles dashboard. Click here to view all of our programs!
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    God bless all our brave service members. May they get every upgrade and perk possible. Nothing can repay what they do every day for us.

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