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    In the recent months, our team has worked extremely hard to add various new features that came to us, in part, from customer requests. Today we are going to provide you with all of the information you need to know about how to access and use all of these cool new features.

    We redesigned our dashboard! Now, more visually appealing and organized, your programs appear in vibrant colored boxes categorized and easy to see. Once you roll over programs in your dashboard, you will see your miles/points and expiration dates. You can also easily see which miles/points are expiring in the upper right corner, and your recent activity is right on the same page as well. If you prefer the old dashboard, simply click the program you wish to see and you will be brought to the original spreadsheet dashboard.

    Moving onto the travel search! Recently, we have added search tabs that allow you to compare and contrast all prices on the Internet for the flights you are seeking, only after entering your search criteria one time. In this one stop travel search, you can search not only UsingMiles prices but all other travel sites such as United, Frontier, Southwest, Expedia, with just the click of a tab! These tabs also show up for hotel searches, in addition to airline.

    Customers also have the opportunity to search fares AND awards, and then redeem their hard earned points and miles toward flights and hotels. This saves customers money, and offers a convenient display of available award options. Also, you may have noticed our new nifty travel search bar along the top of the page. Easy, quick, access to the travel search is always readily available no matter what page you are on within our site.

    Let us not forget about the brand new travel search history that displays below the travel search home page. This way if customers search and then leave the page, the dates and destinations will appear in the history so users do not have to remember again which dates they needed to book travel. Booking travel (flights and hotels included) has never been this simple.

    The Add Programs page has also been newly redesigned! Now, when you click a program to add, you can continue to scroll through the entire list, add all the programs you belong to, and then enter your credentials when you are ready. This unique way to add programs has proven to be more effective for our users, as they are now able to enter their credentials at the end instead of in between selecting each program.

    Among the many new programs we have added, we are excited to announce that the Chase program is now up and running! We know this program is near and dear to many of our customers and our team has been working extremely hard to implement it into the dashboard. Chase Ultimate Rewards allows users to earn points for everyday credit card purchases. 100 points equals a dollar and can be used toward travel, experiences, merchandise, gift cards and even cash. This program has no blackout dates and no restrictions, they mean what they say when it comes to this detail! Be sure to add Chase to your dashboard so you can track and use those points on whatever you need (especially this holiday season when we all may or may not run up our credit cards.)

    UsingMiles is working each and every day to optimize the loyalty program tracking process, travel search, award use, and strives to deliver the overall best value to our users. We hope all of our users enjoy our new features! Also, if you have any ideas for us, let us know! We are open to all customer suggestions as we continue to grow!

    Make sure to try out these highlighted features and track all of your loyalty programs from your UsingMiles dashboard!

    Happy Wednesday everyone!
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    I found it very difficult to navigate your website.
    It is not showing the expiration date properly on my UA and US account

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