Using the Verizon data plan in South America on a Samsung Galaxy S4

Discussion in 'Travel Technology' started by Seat6A, Oct 22, 2013.

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    Does anyone have experience using Verizon’s international data roaming plan in South America? Or anywhere in the world if not South America.
    I will be in Chile and Argentina for most of the next two weeks and working remotely. I need good communications for this to work. My last trip to Argentina I used to S$ in airplane mode hopping form wifi to wifi and it worked well. Except for the hour son the bus.
    I have an Argentinian cell phone. When I land I buy 50 pesos worth of minutes and it is active again and my minutes roll over since I use it every couple of months. I was going to put the SIM card in my Samsung G4 for voice and data, but 100mb of data through Verizon is only 25.00 and two reps have said they pro-rate the data while online it says it’s full month to full month. We’ll see. $25 a month for 100mb of data is worth it to be able to turn on the phone when I land and have emails coming in. I can also use it as a hotspot for my laptop which is priceless.
    Texts are 50 cents to send and 5 cents to receive so no biggie. I also have visual voicemail so my voicemails will come to my phone over the data plan and I don’t have to call in to retrieve them, I think.
    Anyone have experience with it in South America? Am I making wildly wrong assumptions?

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