Using Miles for TransCon Upgrades

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  1. I am taking the wife to Europe in a few months and am thinking about buying the upgrade but I've never done this before (US Air/Dividend Miles). I've almost always flown solo so either get the free upgrade or don't really care.

    My question is does this price ever change (30,000 + $300) or can it be negotiated to just points (no cash) if I give US Air a call? I just wanted to find out more before I blow points I could just use on some full flight instead.
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    The price never changes. Next time you could buy a higher fare ticket (say, Y or B), which would come with a lower upgrade cost, but for the ticket you bought (and most discounted fares) the upgrade price is fixed. You can always try to sweet talk an agent, but don't get your hopes up.

    Also not to nitpick, but you probably mean a transatlantic upgrade (trans=across, so across the atlantic) or intercontinental (inter=between, so between continents), rather than a transcon upgrade (trans=across, so across the continent).
  3. yes, duh [​IMG]

    Thanks for the information though.

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