Using Disney Gift Cards (i.e. Ink 5x)

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    Hi everyone,

    I've searched around buy can't find anything addressing this. I'm taking the family to Disneyland for Christmas, and want to maximize points earning. I'm going to buy about $1000 in disney gift cards using the Ink 5X at Office Max. If I buy Disney tickets online, can I use multiple gift cards to pay for them? Or, if not, has anyone used multiple gift cards at the gate?

    Thanks for your help and Happy Holidays!
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    I don't know about online, but at the gate they accept up to 3 payments per transaction. If you have more than that they can break it into multiple transactions. In extreme cases I've heard they just enter the 3 cards into a dummy transaction, then refund the three as a single credit and use that bigger credit toward the next transaction. I also heard one rumor that they now accept up to 5 cards but haven't confirmed it.
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