Using Delta Miles for Kilamanjaro

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    I am new to DL and I would like to work towards a future awards redemption to JRO (Kilamanjaro) for September 2012. Based on KLM being the sole western carrier into the airport, Skymiles or Flying Blue miles appear to be the best approach.

    I am soliciting any help I can from SM veterans to see if such a redemption is even possible and how many miles I will need to pull it off. What is the best method to obtain a low award and is such an award possible. I am based in MCI so I likey need to include a leg to a Skyteam gateway city.

    I am fine going in coach, but if I can score elite seating, my 6'4" frame would greatly appreciate it. I have heard that sometimes biz class is not that much more expensive in miles than coach, but maybe that's just a rumor.

    I am entertaining the AMEX Platinum with Delta first time promo balance, but not sure if the $450 benefit is worth it given that I am more than a year out from my often does Delta have AMEX transfer promos?

    Thanks so much for any assistance anyone can offer.
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    As a general rule, it's not easy to redeem reasonable numbers of DL miles for international award tickets. You'll need luck and some flexibility. For DL flights, award seats are released at random times starting at 330 days out and frequently very close to the travel date. I don't know whether KLM releases their award seats at 330 or follows DL's strategy, but you can use DL miles for KLM flights only as KLM's low awards. It would help a lot to be DL PM or DM in order to be able to change (redeposit) your award tickets as availability evolves. Check the advice threads here, but plan to spend lots of time to get something acceptable to you. It will help to focus on the KLM and longhaul flights first. You may need to accept some very long or overnight connections or plan on purchasing some domestic segments separately.
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