Using Avios for Tokyo to Kyoto vs. Train

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    I'm planning a two-night trip to Kyoto from Tokyo. I am debating between (1) using 18K Avios total (9K per person, for two people) for round trip travel from Tokyo (HND) to Osaka (KIX) on JAL and then taking the train to Kyoto, or (2) just taking the train from Tokyo to Kyoto, which I understand will cost around $540.

    I know the first option will also involve some out of pocket cost on top of spending Avios (including the cost of roundtrip travel from Tokyo to Haneda plus train travel from Kansai to Kyoto -- around $180 total for two people).

    I imagine it will likely be more inconvenient to fly rather than take the bullet train, since we'll have to get to Haneda, there will be a security checkpoint, and we will need to transfer from airport to train.

    But cost is a big consideration for us, especially given how expensive everything else will be in Japan. I'm just trying to weigh the pros and cons, but leaning toward flying in order to save some money, and don't mind spending some Avios.

    Does anyone have any advice? Thanks in advance!
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    Based on your numbers, you're getting about $360 worth of savings ($540-$180) for 18K Avios, which amounts to 2 cents per point. Not a bad redemption at all, especially if cost is a big consideration for you.

    I've actually been debating the same thing. I'm going to be going from Tokyo, to Osaka, to Kyoto, then back to Tokyo. I think I'm gonna do the rail pass, though. I haven't really crunched the numbers, but even if it's more expensive, riding the Japanese bullet train seems like it'll be an experience in its own right and is something I'd like to check out.

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