Using 1-2-Free day code to secure a lower daily rate

Discussion in 'National | Emerald Club' started by bk3day, Dec 31, 2011.

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    Tried to make a last minute booking in Hawaii picking up that same night to keep for 5 days.

    It's a holiday so the only available car to book was a pickup truck at $175/day.

    Tried instead to use a 1-2-Free code for pickup that same night return next day.

    That code must pull from a different inventory 'cause I was able to book a mid size for $8.00 a/i. Better yet, the EA had a choice of convertibles!

    Noticed that the contract showed the continuing daily rate (for the 1-2-Free code) as $37. So we're just extending that 1 day rental for the remainder of our stay!

    Fwiw, doing a similar 1 day search using a National (rental credit) free day also pulled up a mid-size car but the continuing daily rate for that code was almost $200/ day!

    So if you find yourself in a bind w/no inventory or a high rental rate, try leveraging your 1-2-Free day as an option.
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