Used up all the points. What now?

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    I live in Seattle. I collect points mainly to redeem for TATL flights, occasionally for domestic ones. I applied for the chase ba, the citi aa visa, got the bonus and booked my award travel. Now I am back to 0. I have an Amex and a chase sapphire preferred. I do travel for work about once a month. Which ff program should I focus on this year? Delta comes to mind, since I could use the miles domestically and internationally, transfer from Amex. Alas skymiles are worth little. Any better ideas?
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    The starting point for this type of decision is who goes where you have to go for work and whether you can get enough miles/segments with them to qualify for elite status..... with Delta you can get MQMs with the right credit card and they allow you to carry excess miles above silver/gold etc to the next year.

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    If you have CSP ... why not get Freedom/Ink/United card and do UA next year. Or stick w/DL this year and go UA afterwards then rinse & repeat AA/DL/UA
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    As a fellow Seattleite, I struggle with this as well. I currently use AS as I can fly AS, DL, and AA to virtually anywhere I fly domestically for business. Compared to most here, I don't travel a lot, 22 trips so far this year. I've been able to make it to small cities like Cedar Rapids (CID) and Tri-Cities, TN (TRI) but also every large market I've tried to get to and been able to use the AS, DL, and AA while posting the points to my AS Mileage Plan. AS seems to be working for me but I haven't done any international yet. That said, I have partner options.

    UA isn't the greatest out of Seattle, in my opinion, as it is has more limited options that AS and DL.
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