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  1. We are thinking of going to a luxury hotel in San Francisco/Palo Alto and from there my 60 year old mum and I am 30 are thinking of going to a luxury hotel around the country. I am thinking of seeing Orlando San Fran , New York Chicago Washington D.C and Las Vegas what cities should I take out any suggestions for this trip.
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    To give suggestions we will need to know what kind of things you are looking for and budget. Some of us consider luxury hotels to be Four Seasons while others may consider a simple Hampton Inn or Four Points to be luxury. Give us some examples of what you're looking to spend in terms of hotels and what you want to do when you;re travelling and we'll be more able to help.
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  3. Anything that gets me into a aaa five or forbes five star hotel but no more than 1200 one thousand two hundred dollars for room only. I am looking at michelin dining and great culture in the city. These suggested cities are suggestions.
    My mum loves scenery and I love museums we both love theme parks. I would love to have somewhere that I can have fun in.
    My sister who lives in Palo Alto.
    Is it okay not to have a pool and stay somewhere that might be more like The Mark
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    There are no luxury hotels in Palo Alto or even nearby. Best is the Garden Court hotel in downtown P.A. There is also a Four Seasons along US101 but that is in East Palo Alto, an entirely different city. It is not one of the chain's best. Either of them will be well under $1200 a night.
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    United states is such famous and rich country in the whole world. Here I get such nice information about USA tour. There are lots of tourist destination available in this country for getting more enjoyment and know about new world also get more experience in their life.
  6. RichardinSF I know that but my sister lives in Palo Alto but because I cannot get any info from her about what she wants to do I am going to Paris is this the wrong decision
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    if anyone can any advice on the tour to USA it would be appreciated

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