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    Here's a link to a great interview with Bob Harris in today's USA Today newspaper. Almost a half page so very impressive.


    Bob Harris, former stand-up comedian, "Jeopardy" contestant, and television writer, got a plum assignment covering the world's most luxurious hotels for in 2008. While staying in hotels that would bankrupt most people overnight, he took an interest in the poverty that surrounds so many luxe establishments. And that, in turn, led him to invest his earnings from Forbes, which allows people to make small loans — as little as $25 — to people in lesser-developed nations. "The International Bank of Bob," now in bookstores, is his story about making those loans, and visiting borrowers around the world. USA TODAY reporter John Waggoner interviewed Harris on his newfound role as an international lender.
    Q: You have a lot of good things to say about in your book. Are there any caveats you'd add?
    A: I don't have a lot of caveats. The thing works: You do get paid back more than 99% of the time. If you go to a major Wall Street bank, rates are virtually nothing. If you deposit $25, a year later you have the same $25, plus a small pile of pennies. Through Kiva, you'd have the same $25, minus a small pile of pennies. And for that you could be helping someone in West Africa buy a cow or repair a taxi. I'd rather have that $25 helping a Bangladeshi fisherman and know what he's doing with it, than tossing it into a big Wall Street bank.
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