US Preferred Traveling on US Metal on United Codeshare--benefits?

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    I know I should know this, and it's probably been asked here before, so I apologize--but for the hundreds of thousands of miles I've flown in my life, I don't think I've ever bought a ticket on United that is actually a codeshare flown on US metal. So a couple questions if I do this (I'm a preferred member with Dividend miles):

    1. Am I still eligible for upgrades?
    2. Do I still have access to exit row/preferred seating when I book?
    3. What would my boarding priority be?

    Anything else I should know?


    (Also, I have to say it so I feel less guilty :) --I also posted this question over on the website that shall not be named...I need to book a trip in the next couple hours and figured throwing this out to both forums would make it more likely I hear a response in time for my booking, despite the fact I don't like to play in that "other" sandbox very often! Thanks for understanding, haha!)
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    Hardly a timely response, but hope my ESTIMATES, IN ALL CAPS ABOVE, will be of some use. (Estimates are based on some experiences over the years w/ US and on UA's requirement that if you want, e.g., E+ access, you have to be crediting to Mileage Plus).

    In general, codeshares like this are to be avoided unless there's a significant $$$ saving, cause things rarely go smoothly, i.e., the automatic upgrade systems don't work and by the time you get to the gate, there's no F space left.
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    I flew on US metal yesterday on a purchased ticketed through Because it was bought (1) day before, the US F class was already filled with the happy Silver's so being Gold, I had no idea if I would have gotten one. However, at the USAirways Club at PHX I was on the upgrade list. When I connected to my UA flight, I was given a seat in E+ without even asking. - - Just waiting to see how the points will credi in terms of EQM's and bonuses.

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