US only wants to give me one Low award seat

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    I figured with the weather mess the DM line is going to be tied up for a loooong time, so I'd ask here and see if I get some suggestions...

    I have a "last minute" trip NYC-LAS coming up mid May that I'm trying to book. The Mrs. is on the job and flying on the corporate dime, so we figured why not burn some US miles and go meet her with Junior... although we'll have to come up with family-friendly things to do as he's only 3. :)

    Anyway I've been looking NYC-LAS May 14th (flexible) to the 18th (solid) and US is only showing me at least 2 flights out of LGA, plus a couple from ISP/HPN for 12.5k (Low) + $18. The return has a couple of options into EWR for the same, which is not terrible.

    Now this all works fine as long as I put in one passenger. As soon as I put 1 adult + 1 child (or two adults), the availability magically disappears on all flights and I only see Medium or High (on the same flights!).

    So... I'm not sure what my options are here. If it was two adults I'd take my chances and call to put one seat on hold, book the other award seat then travel on separate PNRs or try to get them to merge them. But that's not an option with a child...

    I'm fairly sure that ALL of these flights have more than one seat, but I guess I'll have to wait until US tells me what my options are -- other than booking at a higher level, which would be ridiculous.
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    Maybe there's only one seat for that level? If so, the possibility of them opening up another seat at that level prob. won't happen..
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