US Bank Cash+ Visa Card offers up to 6.25% cash back

Discussion in 'Other Credit Card Programs' started by RestlessLocationSyndrome, Sep 27, 2012.

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    Just received a credit card offer in the mail from US Bank for their Cash+ Visa card. Not sure if this has been around for awhile or is brand new but it has some enticing aspects.

    Now I know that there are lots of credit cards out there which provide great values in miles/points and the Fidelity AMEX provides 2% cash back on everything but this card has some pretty cool aspects to it:
    • 5% cash back in 2 bonus categories that you can choose (restaurants, department stores, home improvement stores, electronics stores, airlines, hotels, bill payment, fast food, furniture stores, car rental, charity, movie theaters are listed)
    • 2% cash back in 1 category that you can choose (gas stations, grocery stores, or drug stores)
    • 1% cash back everywhere else
    • $25 Cash+ bonus every time you redeem $100 or more in a single redemption
    • No annual fee
    This card is interesting because they allow you to choose which categories to receive bonus spend on and they basically tack on a 25% bonus when you redeem at $100 increments. If you limited all your spend on the card to the 5% bonus categories, you'd really be getting 6.25% cash back on this card.

    Now it looks like the categories offered can change quarterly and you do have to select them quarterly as well but it also looks like there is no limit on the rewards earned with this card.

    There do seem to be valid reasons for getting this card either because the 6.25% cash back from the bonus category itself is enticing or because by being able to select your bonus categories, this card becomes an excellent complement to the other reward cards in your wallet... especially those with 5% bonus categories that also change from quarter to quarter.

    If you have any other experience or info about this card, please feel free to share the info with the MP community.
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    I got the offer for the US Bank Business version of this card. It had a 0% BT offer attached to it also. I have the personal and business Flex perks card. US bank is a pretty good outfit with good service in my dealings with them. I might go for this card myself. I have other 2% cards but the BT offer and these perks look pretty good.

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