US Airways Y/B Fare EQM Bonus?

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  1. Hi, I know next to nothing about the legacy UA and Mileage Plus in general (I am a CO guy) and was wondering is their a EQM fare class bonus when one flies on US Airways in Y/B?

    On CO the only US fares that earn more than 100% EQMs are: A,F,C,D,Z.

    However, it looks like UA might credit 150% for Y/B fares.,6867,50107,00.html.

    Thus, it would seem that if UA really does give 50% more miles on US for Y/B fares than I should credit US Y/B fare segments to UA rather than CO.

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    You are reading the charts correctly -- a Y/B fare on US is supposed to get you 150% EQM when accruing to UA.

    The RDM+EQM amounts are very different for CO vs. UA accrual.

    For example, a United 1P (50k miles) earns a 100% RDM bonus. A Continental Gold (50k miles) earns a 50% RDM (? it says "mileage") bonus.

    Also, for flights under 500 miles, you'll get the actual mileage for UA accrual; for CO accrual, "elite members earn a minimum of 500 base miles".

    I believe that means:

    100 mile flight in US Y/B - accrues 150 EQM to UA
    100 mile flight in US Y/B - accrues 500 EQM to CO

    500 mile flight in US Y/B - accrues 750 EQM to UA
    500 mile flight in US Y/B - accrues 500 EQM to CO

    There are a lot of mileage accrual mismatches like this; someone's gonna be unhappy when they're harmonized. For now, it's definitely worth checking both carriers' accrual rates when traveling on partner carriers (there are BIG differences for international trans-pacific trips!)
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    Seems like you came to the right conclusion!
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    I hope the new UA keeps CO US earnings here, minimum 500 miles instead of UA policy of US actual miles.

    I fly a lot MHT-PHL on US so that quite important for me.
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    The exception would be if the flight is less than 334 miles; since UA credits actual miles and CO credits a 500 mile minimum, you'd end up with more EQM (as well as RDM) crediting to CO.

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