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  1. Thought it would be useful to have a thread on the outstanding labor issues and how they may impact customers.

    To get started, yesterday, the AFA Joint Negotiating Committee broke off talks with US management regarding a merged contract. The negotiations stem from the 2005 merger with Amercia West. Since the merger the FAs from the two companies have been working under seperate union contracts. FAs want bigger raises than US' offer of 3% at the end of this year, and one more 3% raise over a five-year contract. The AFA has chosen 2/17 as a system-wide Day of Action that will include picketing at the bases.
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    Thanks for starting this. I feel like the ongoing labor issues are something that often fly a little under the radar for those of use who just fly on the airline. I've often wondered why this has been so difficult to resolve, but I don't really have an in-depth understanding of the situation...hopefully others can provide further enlightenment.

    So will the picketing at bases you mention have an impact on flight schedules on 2/17?
  3. I don't expect the picketing will impact customers. The FAs want to gather public attention and support, and if they negatively impact flyers' experience, they will be defeating their own purpose.
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    As contentious as the FA labor situation is, one would think it will be easier to solve than the issue currently dividing the pilots...which shows no sign of being resolved any time soon.

    The pilots had been unable to agree on a seniority plan to merge east and west pilots onto one list. Both sides agreed to binding arbitration, and when it came out the east side didn't like the ruling and dropped ALPA as their union in favor of their own union USAPA. The matter is still in the courts, and it could be years before we see a solution one way or the other. In the mean time there has been so much anger and vitriol between east and west pilots, it would make one think twice about flying on airplanes flown by some of these guys or gals...

    Management appears to be in no hurry to settle this dispute either, because whichever seniority plan they wind up with, a new contract will result in higher wages....therefore higher costs. What I am not sure anyone realizes is that these costs might be mitigated by potential savings which would be realized by a full integration of the workforce - both FA's and pilots.

    The final answer is not easy, but the longer these disputes go on, the longer US will have to operate as essentially two separate airlines, and I fear the worse their long term outlook will be.
  5. US has announced its employee profit sharing for 2010 performance. $47 million in profit sharing, on top of $24 million in operational incentive pay. Based on 36,500 employees, this works out to an average of $1,945 per employee (not that every employee receives the same amount).

    For comparison purposes:

    Delta: $313 Million ($4,173 per employee based on 75,000 employees)
    United/Continental: $224 Million ($2,800 per employee based on 80,000 employees)
    Jet Blue: $29 Million ($2,320 per employee based on 12,500 employees)
    Alaska: $92 Million ($9,300 per employee based on 9,893 employees)
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    It's hard to take those numbers without knowing how they're tallied--- basically, do all employees participate in the profit sharing? My employer has a performance-based profit sharing program but only about 35% of non-management employees are eligible. Those of us who are eligible get very nice bonuses but if you tallied it out per-head, it's a much less impressive figure. I'd be quite interested in seeing the metrics on who is eligible by percentage and also by role.

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