US Airways Dividend miles toolbar is no longer supported

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    Granted I only installed this for the Grand Slam promotion, but I got a message last night from US that the toolbar is no longer being supported and will no longer earn miles. They recommend you uninstall it. As it now talks about a "registered" credit card I wonder if this is something that will be ultimately run by the rewards network like the dining program is. They are offering 250 bonus miles for signing up with the new program and another 250 bonus miles with your first purchase.

    Dividend Miles Shopping Mall is now Dividend Miles StoreFront

    Enjoy an exciting new way to earn bonus miles when you shop with over 600 retailers. Earn bonus miles any time you use your registered credit card to pay at participating retail stores, catalogs and online at Plus, you'll receive exclusive offers and discounts.

    Visit Dividend Miles StoreFront [​IMG]

    If you have the Dividend Miles Toolbar you can no longer earn miles with it. Here’s how to uninstall:
    • In Internet Explorer: From your Start menu, go to ‘Programs’ and select the Dividend Miles Toolbar folder. Click ‘Uninstall’ in that folder.
    • In Firefox: Go to the Tools menu in Firefox and select ‘Add-ons.’ Click on the record for Dividend Miles Toolbar and choose ‘Uninstall.’

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