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Discussion in 'Other Credit Card Programs' started by schen75, Apr 9, 2013.

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    I applied for the UA Airways with 35K bonus and No Fee for the first year offer last week, after speaking to 3 different people I can't get any of them to approve the app.

    The reason for their decision is because I had too many new accounts recently, I just did an AOR (5 cards, none of them are from Barclays) almost 2 months ago.

    Is there anything I can say to them to get the app approved. I don't think I'm giving them a good answer when they ask why have I opened up some many cards recently and why do I want the US Air card...

    Any suggestions is very much appreciated...thanks!
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    Barclays is known for being strict with inquiries.
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    I just had my application accepted - my first with Barclays - but with a miserly $2600 spend limit, and only a basic (non-World) mastercard. I guess "too many inquiries" (4 credit card in the past 6 months, 8 in the past 12, and an additional 3 mortgage inquiries) sums up why my application was only borderline. In contrast, around the same time, my first Citi application received a $13k limit, and my first US Bank application a $6k limit. If you really want a Barclays credit card, consider waiting six months before your next churn.
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