Us Airways and Swiss First Awards

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    Recently dove into booking my first Star Alliance award with US. Long story short, I had one itinerary fully booked, but decided do make some major changes and ended up losing the whole booking because my CP call center helper was deleting each leg as she was adding new ones and when we got to a long haul that would not show up I asked to just cancel the changes and I would keep looking. Too late, she could not even book my first TATL back into first. Have no idea how bad I wanted to scream. Anyway, the segment that caused this whole issue was LX196 ZRH - PEK. It shows as a low first award on United and AC, but only J for US. I poked a little to see if anything could be done, but I could tell the agent was getting cranky and I didn't want any nasty grams in my file for next call. I know this is not an uncommon occurrence, but any tips on getting around this other then calling on a daily basis?

    BTW, I did book the flights with a couple in business hoping to upgrade later. This is my first, so I kinda excited ;-)

    CLT - IAD on UA F
    IAD - ZRH on UA F on a 767
    Stop Over
    ZRH - PEK on LX J - I had this flight booked in first on my original itinerary
    PEK - HKG on CA J
    HKG - BKK on TG F
    BKK - FRA on TG F
    FRA - IAD on LH J
    IAD - CLT on UA F

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    Oh, man, I feel for you....not as extensive, but similar with a flight from AUS-LGA-LON-CDG. I was asking about an upgrade, and in the process of trying to change a few flights around because of a potential to upgrade a flight (the goal was Paris, so I wasn't concerned about routing through specific cities), I made the unfortunate ambigious statement of "just cancel and I will try again later" which she cancelled everything, even what I had reserved earlier....I didn't notice until I went back in to my account and couldn't find the reservation. Calling back, it was gone.....ouch.

    It's like a language we have to learn. Now I try to test things out with a different account so I don't cancel anything myself (I get to doing too many things, and I close windows without saving correctly) :)

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