US Air didn't provide wheelchair access for my 94 year old grandmother

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    Does anyone know the best way to lodge a complaint with US Air (e.g., write a letter? take to Twitter?)? My Dad was travelling back to Richmond VA from Jamaica with my Grandma this past weekend (she was celebrating her 94th birthday). He'd requested a wheelchair for her in Charlotte, but when they arrived, they were told that nobody was available to pick her up. They said he could put her on a wheelchair and take her to the gate himself which he did, then he was reprimanded at Customs for wheeling her himself for liability reasons. They found someone to get her through Customs, yet this person told my Dad that she had a lunch break in 10 minutes so she couldn't wheel my Grandmother to the gate. So past immigration, he was on his own again. He finally found a Good Samaritan driving one of the transport thingies to carry Grandma to the gate.

    The same happened to them on the way to Jamaica, though they had time to wait for someone to become available as they had a longer layover. This time though, the connection was rather tight causing a lot of undue stress.

    Anyway, think someone at US Air should be made aware of this; just not sure of the best channel.
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    there's a complaint option on their website.

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