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    Through the us air world MasterCard you get the voucher for 2 companions to take along with you on a trip. For someone with status does bringing 2 companions disqualify any chance of an upgrade for anyone in the group, only upgrades me and 1 companion, or upgrade all 3 of us?

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    My info may be out of date, but may be useful.
    A few years ago, while Pt on US, used one of the certificates and all 3 of us got upgrades, based on my status. It was non-peak time, think midweek out, weekend return.

    If you can use one of the certificates (can be hard to do lately), use it, as your upgrade window approaches, call. The worst that can happen is that you split the record (done only it's sure that at least one or two of you will get the upgrade).

    Some downsides may occur - if record is split, may be hard to keep original seats for non-status members, probably not possible for the upgrade to go to the non-status folks first. If split they will drop to the bottom of the upgrade list, if they can even stay on it...

    If the trip is one that's interesting, go ahead and use the certificates, but be cautious about splitting, best to wait until the return leg. Don't split if irops seem likely. W/out being on same pnr, your companions will likely have no status - could impact not just seating but baggage and boarding.

    Hope those w/ more recent experience will add their input.

    Hope this helps - happy travels
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    In the past two years, I have not been able to get a group of more than 2 to get upgraded. If I call in, at the counter, etc, I'm always told that if I split it (in our case it's 4 people in the family traveling unit), then two will get upgraded, and two will not. The nice thing is I have often been allowed to pick the two people, so I usually put my wife and 1 kid one time and wife and other kid the next time. But I've never been able to get more than two upgraded on a flight. I can almost always get 1 upgraded and so we split it 3 and 1, and then we do rock scissors paper to see who wins the seat :)

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