US Air Bump Vouchers are almost worthless

Discussion in 'Community Center' started by flynhwn, Sep 19, 2013.

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    Got a $200 voucher and tried to use it. First of all you have to call in. Next they will not give you the fares on the internet but a considerably higher fare. Then they will charge you a ticketing fee. Never thought I would do it but I threw it in the trash. Better to pay for a ticket on another carrier and save money. I'll never take a bump on US Air again. Hope the policy doesn't carry over when they merge with American. I'm Platinum but would consider changing to United for the possibilities of bump vouchers.
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    I found my bump experience on US Air totally different. All I had to pay was my landing fees in Canada which were around 50.00. Had a great experience.
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    I ditto that the US Air bump voucher's rules into higher fare classes make it worthless. Unsurprising profit center for the airline, as expected.
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    O.K., I've had a similar lulu experience with United Airlines vouchers. Have been on number of trans-Atlantic flights with United where, seated in steerage, everything went quickly South, and we were afterwards all "rewarded" with a $100-$200 voucher.

    I almost always only travel on United for my job, and so that voucher that they handed to everyone getting off the plane doesn't work for me. Those vouchers just don't make up for the lack of video, stopped-up toilets, and no food choices, and a flight crew that runs away from passengers after they're been handed their gruel!

    The next time this happens, I'll gladly hand my voucher out on Milepoint (if anyone's interested), rather than throw it in the trash with the rest of them at the airport.
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