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    Hey everyone,
    I know there is a way you can buy gift cards through UR, get the points, go to the store and use the gift card to buy another gift card, and go home and sell the second gift card, thus getting most of your money back. My question: isnt it easier to buy amex gift cards and then turn around and deposit them in your bank account through amazon payments? I dont know if you are able to buy them through UR or through Amex. Thanks!!

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    Hi Nick!

    You're right - it is possible to buy gift cards and deposit them via Amazon payments, but you are limited to only $1,000 a month via Amazon payments.

    With the gift cards, you could potentially do more than $1,000 a month. Personally, it is too much time and work for me, so I've passed on the gift card scheme. I believe Frequent Miler wrote about it today too!

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