Upgrading the tag flights on an award itinerary.

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    I have an exciting (to me, anyway) itinerary booked for this summer from NYC to CMB and BKK and back. The major over water sections are in business class (EVA outbound, Air Canada on the way back). There are, however, tag flights between NYC <-> YYV on Air Canada, BKK <-> CMB on Thai, and BKK -> PVG also on Thai that are booked in economy.

    I notice that some of these flights have premium cabin award availability, although not enough for the whole family (we are four) -- one or two seats per flight. We would be perfectly happy if two people sat in front and two in back (ideally we could do this on an even number of trips so two of us get lucky each trip).

    The four of us are distributed among three reservations, two singletons on US Airways and one two-person PNR on United.

    My questions (I realize these are pretty basic):
    1. The awards are business class awards at the business class pricing level of 120K miles each. The tag flights show up as two cabin flights with Economy and First Class / Business First cabins. Am I entitled to the premium cabin on these two cabin flights at the business class award level, or would I have to pay the first class award level?
    2. If I'm entitled to the premium cabins, assuming that I remain on the same flight, I assume it's a free change to make the upgrade. Is that correct?
    3. To do this, I assume I call the issuing airline not the operating airline. Is that correct?
    4. For the initial hop from LGA to YYV to start the trip, I notice that there is better award availability up front for a flight one hour earlier than the one we're scheduled on. Is it possible to make that change, and would it be a free or paid change? [This is a one hour flight, and I would have to coordinate changes on three reservations, so I'm unlikely to do it but am still interested in the answer].
    5. I doubt anyone has a firm answer to this one -- but if I were to move one of the singleton reservations from economy to premium cabin on a flight that shows a single award seat available, what are the chances that Thai, in particular, would free up one or more additional award seats later?
    Any link to a general reference on managing already ticketed award flights on United and US Airways would also be appreciated. Googling "United award ticket changes" just brings up lots of articles about the devaluation.

    Thanks in advance!
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